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Environmental / Re: Mardie Murie, Enviromentalist
« Last post by Elizabeth on Today at 01:23:27 PM »
*tears*...that video, was beyond touching. See Mardy almost come to tears talking about Olaus and if he had been spared...AND John, getting choked up telling her she made an enormous difference....It all brought me to tears...♥
Just beautiful...♥
Elizabeth / Re: August 2017 Chatter
« Last post by Elizabeth on Today at 01:14:35 PM »

Well, I was going to get the lawn mowed and weed whacked this morning. But hubby said he has to fix the irrigation connection, it's cracked, so we can't water. AND so HE will mow the lawn tomorrow after we get that fixed, we'll get the part tonight. SO YIPPIE...all I have to do is the weed whacking and pull a few weeds in the flowers, tomorrow.......*pumps fist* I really was NOT looking forward to having to mow this morning.
But now, I don't know what I'll get into....but I'm certain I can find something that needs doing. LMAO
You all have a great Friday!
Environmental / Re: Mardie Murie, Enviromentalist
« Last post by D Searcy on Today at 12:43:30 PM »
John had a high respect for Mardie.
He spoke of her often in his concerts.
I have watched the documentary about her and her husband.
It was well worth watching.
The two of them were very passionate about Alaska.

Happy Birthday Mardie and thank you.
Environmental / Mardie Murie, Enviromentalist
« Last post by Roses and Sunshine on Today at 09:05:37 AM »
Today marks the birth day of Mardie Murie, a friend of John's, who was a strong supporter of protections for all wild places. 

You can read about her accomplishments here:   and here:  (this link includes a wonderful video of a conversation with John.)

As a tribute to Mardie and Olaus, John wrote the song "Song For All Lovers", which you can listen to here: 

May we use this as inspiration to continue wilderness protections and honor those who accomplished much toward this.
Elizabeth / Re: August 2017 Chatter
« Last post by Elizabeth on Yesterday at 12:48:51 PM »

Nice, but back into the low 90's today. Really have no idea what today will bring. Might be a good day to work on re-potting some indoor plants, and some Bday/Anniversary graphics for friends.
Tomorrow I will be mowing and weed whacking, etc. So...for now, I hope you all have a great day!
John --with the Fans / Re: More John Denver stories, but not from me!
« Last post by AspenDan on August 16, 2017, 10:22:42 PM »
Awesome story.

The best I have is I got a high five from John!
Elizabeth / Re: August 2017 Chatter
« Last post by Elizabeth on August 16, 2017, 08:33:15 AM »

Me and Mom are going out today for ladies day out, so we can stay away from most of the crowds coming in for the eclipse. We are taking both ice chests so we can stock up enough to last us through till at least after the 27th. When they all, hopefully will have gone home! Tourists have already begun to arrive. Our roads are much busier than normal. The Weiser Eclipse days start tomorrow, vendors, classic car show, farmers market, entertainment, beer garden, street name it. BUT you will NOT see me out there with all those people....
ANYWHO....I'll be back on once Mom and I get done. We plan on visiting several places. Hope you all have a great day.
Elizabeth / Re: August 2017 Chatter
« Last post by Elizabeth on August 15, 2017, 01:55:36 PM »
Whew! What a morning already. So, there I was having my morning coffee and Mom calls. "We are going to the dump at 9, will you come?" Of course I do. I had some grass clippings from last week that need emptied anyway and I know it's easier for me and Mom to pull the tarp out of the trailer, than it is for Dad to do it.
So....that done, come home, and since I was up and moving, I went to the post office and mailed a package, then stopped at the little local store and stocked up on Water, as there were rumors that Walmart sent for an emergency shipment of Water from the warehouses, got that in last week and the shelves are already bare, so they ordered another shipment only to find out that there is no more water in the warehouses in Arkansas....where they are (ALL due to the craziness of the Eclipse next Monday).......Got back and unloaded the water and notice I have some weeds taking over in the driveway. Well an hour later I had the whole place weeded, and sprayed for weeds. AND refilled and baited the wasp traps. AND got in an had my shower! Then got my bath....2nd cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. AND finally got to the boards!
HOPE your day is a good one!
Environmental / Re: Does anybody else have trouble...
« Last post by Elizabeth on August 15, 2017, 01:54:24 PM »
Oh you have NOT bored me. Just the opposite, you wrote so beautifully that you inspired me. Thank you...♥
I really loved this:
He seems to me to be still alive, his music has not aged and his ideas are more important than ever to preserve the environment and peace between peoples. I will never attend one of his concerts, but his soul continues to comfort me in his songs, in moments of discouragement in front of the state of the world.
AND like you, believe he is still alive in his music and his music is still doing good works. ♥
Environmental / Re: Does anybody else have trouble...
« Last post by Roses and Sunshine on August 15, 2017, 07:59:09 AM »
Cathy, What a beautifully, eloquently stated message you have for us today.

John touched our hearts deeply and made a lasting impact on our thought processes.  The fact that his music and his messages are still reaching us and touching us is proof of this.  His word continues to spread, even at this date. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  You've expressed mine in the process, too. 
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