Author Topic: John Denver / Good Night America #26 [08/23/1976]  (Read 254 times)


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John Denver / Good Night America #26 [08/23/1976]
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John Denver / Good Night America #26 [08/23/1976]

This is a follow up show with Geraldo and John about nuclear power as an alternative power source.
If you might remember, nuclear power was pushed as a 'clean energy source' in the early 70's.


They didn't tell the whole story.
In 1972, I was in sixth grade and PSNH (Public Service of N.H.) came to my middle school with an RV with all kinds of nuclear power stuff to convince us 11 and 12 year old's about how safe nuclear power was.
They wanted to build a nuclear power plant on the NH seacoast. They were a monopoly back then until the 80's when other power companies started to come into play.
Anyway, my science teacher painted 'the real facts of nuclear power' which I won't go into now.
Unfortunately, they built this power plant and spent millions of dollars in the process and passed it on to the consumer.

It went online for a few years and was decommissioned shortly after by public demand after that. It did not have the public savings it had promised. 

The public paid the price of their mistake for years. They are still playing for this mistake!
I still get a yearly check of a $1.15 for reimbursement. They plan to pay all the consumer's back by 2025.
I plan to be dead by then and have asked them for a full reimbursement of total payment by by 2020. No reply!

Anyway, it was good to see John in this interview even though it brought back some mixed emotions about that time period. 
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Re: John Denver / Good Night America #26 [08/23/1976]
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Good interview indeed Dan.
Maybe not nuclear, but we need something besides fossil fuels and soon.